Transistor Curve Tracer   

Model  XJ4812


XJ4812 is a new generation portable curve tracer which is rsed to measure various transistors characteristic curves and static parameters. The instrument adops a new electrical cir-cuit design, so that it has light weight, easy to use, stable performance and a high performance-cost ratio. It can meet the ceasuring requirments of most transistor devices and is suitable to use in the fields of the production line in factories, college and university laboratories and electrical appliance maintenance. 

Collector Sweep Signal
Voltage Output & Current Capacity:  050V   2A
                                                             0500V  50mA
                                                              continuously adjustable
Power Consumption Limiting Resistance:  0100KΩ continuously adjustable
Capacity Current:                 1μA500V
Base Step Signal
Step Current Limits:    5μA/step10mA/step
Step Voltage Limits:    0.05V/step10mA0.5V
Step of Each Family:   010
Series Resistor:           0,10KOhm
Y Aixs Deflection Coefficient
Collector Current :      10μA/div0.2A/div
Current Multiplier:       ×0.1, 1μA/div
X Aixs Deflection Coefficient
Collector Voltage:       0.05V/div50V/div
Base Voltage:              0.05V/div0.5V/div
Useful Screen Area:     8×10div(1div=1cm)
Power Supply:             AC 220V,50Hz
Dimensions:                 330B×140H×400Dmm
Weight:                        9.5kg approx.