CRT Readout Transistor Curve Tracer  XJ4822

Transistor Curve Tracer XJ4822B


XJ4822 is a CRT readout transistor curve tracer, which is used to measure the static parameters of transistors, diodes, MOSFETS and other semiconductor devices. The measuring settings are displayed by using a dot cursor.


Collector Current (IC)  10μA/div - lA/div in 16 steps
Diode Current (IR)  0.2μA/div – 5μA/div in 5 steps
Ic, Ir Multiplier    x 0.1
Collector Voltage (VC) 0.05V/div ~ 50V/div in 10 steps
 Base Voltage (VB)   0.05V/div - 1V/div in 5 steps
Diode Voltage (VR)  100V/div - 500V/div in 3 steps
Step Current (IB) 0.02μA/step – 50 mA/step in 16 steps
Step Voltage (VB)  0.05V/step - 1V/step in 5 steps
Collector Voltage Range  0 - 10V, 0 - 50V, 0 ~ 100V and 0 - 500V continuously variable
Power limit Resistance  0- 500kΩ±10% in 11 steps
CRT Character Readout  
Y axis  Display A/div (IC, IR)
X axis  Display A/div (VC, VR, VBE)
Step     Display A/div (IB, VB)
Press-in the button,  
In D state   move cursor "+" for reading out ID and VD
In T state   move cursor" ~ "for reading out and Gm
Power Supply   AC 220V/50Hz
Power Consumption  80VA approx
Dimensions   240B x 360H x 590D mm
Weight  17kg approx

Note:The features of XJ4822B is as same as of XJ4822,  except that  no cursor measurement and character readout are provided