150MHz Dual Channel Four Trace Oscilloscope   

Model  XJ4383



Vertical system
Bandwidth DC-150MHz -3dB
Rise time 2.4nS
Deflection Factor 5mV/div ~ 5V/div 5%
Input R&C 1M5%, 22pF5pF
Operation Mode CH1, CH2, ALT, CHOP, ADD
Max input voltage 400V (DC+ACp-p)
Horizontal system
Sweep time factor 50nS/div~0.2S/div 5% in 21steps
Max. sweep rate 2.5nS/div
Trigger Mode NORM, AUTO LOCK, TV
Trigger Source INT(CH1 CH2), ALT(CH1 CH2), EXT Line
Trigger Slope + or -
Horizontal Mode x1, x10, x20, ALT, X-Y
X-Y Operation
Input X:CH1 Y:CH2
Bandwidth X:DC 0~1MHz -3dB, AC 10Hz~1MHz -3Db
Y: the same as vertical
X-Y Phase Difference ܡ3 (150KHz)
CRT rectangular CRT with internal graticule
Valid area 8 x 10div (1div=1cm)
Power supply AC 220V 10%, 50Hz5%
Dimensions 330B x 130H x 440D mm
Weight approx. 8Kg